New release 3.5

We're happy to announce the launch of our brand new release 3.5 of our 21Publish Weblog Server platform. This release contains various improvements, for example:

  • Improved response times (up to 20% faster)
  • Better memory handling
  • Centralized access rights management
  • Various bugfixes

The release has already been rolled out on all our hosted services.

For more information on this release, please contact our customer support.


Some updates for your communities

We have just introduced a couple of improvements to your BlogPortals. As of now, you'll find a large number of new photoblog layouts available for your members. They now look similar to the existing weblog layouts, so your members can choose a photoblog layout matching their weblog layout. Also, navigation within the photoblog layouts has been improved.

In addition, we have now added tagging functionality. Once you enable this feature, your members can add tags to their postings. Each entry then displays those tags (if they were entered), and you can view all entries for a specific tag. For paid portals, you can even enable a tag cloud, which displays the most frequently being used tags on the portal homepage.

And finally, you can now enable or disable a portal-wide search. For free portals, visitors can now search for members within your community, while on paid portals even a fulltext search is provided. You can enable or disable this feature in your member blog settings.

Have fun blogging!


New release 3.1 launched successfully

We have successfully migrated the system to our new release 3.1. Although the migration took a bit longer than expected, you now have all new features at your hands.
The most important changes include a new user interface which is now fully IE 7 compatible and various usability improvements.
From the technical perspective, we have a new XSLT process in place which allows us to keep our menus more consistent, rather than having the same functionality accessible in various different ways. You should notice an improved ease-of-use once you get familiar with the changed interface.
Java-wise we have switched to Java SE 6, which includes many improvements and now also contains localized data for the Philippines.

Hope you enjoy the new release. For feedback please feel free to leave a comment.