New release 3.5

We're happy to announce the launch of our brand new release 3.5 of our 21Publish Weblog Server platform. This release contains various improvements, for example:

  • Improved response times (up to 20% faster)
  • Better memory handling
  • Centralized access rights management
  • Various bugfixes

The release has already been rolled out on all our hosted services.

For more information on this release, please contact our customer support.


No more restrictions for usernames

Ever wondered why some username like "joe" has already been taken within your BlogPortal? That's because we didn't allow duplicate usernames throughout ANY portal registered with us.

Now, we've removed this restriction, so usernames only need to be unique per BlogPortal, not system-wide. Teachers can now set up student accounts with the same username for different classes, and community bloggers can choose a unique name no matter whether it's already been taken on another side.