Easily reset your 21Classes account

Since the new school year started, various teachers requested a functionality to easily wipe out all existing student accounts within their ClassroomBlogportal. And today we're happy to tell you this option is now available!

Simply log in to your account and go to "Student accounts -> More options -> Delete all student accounts". Please be careful when using this feature, since there is no way of recovering any deleted accounts.

Once deleted, you can start adding new students all over again.


21Publish Inc. ends beta test phase of its classroom blogging service, 21Classes

November 14, 2007 - 21Classes Ends Beta Test Phase of its Educational Blogging Platform and Introduces New Features.

Launched in March 2007, 21Publish Inc. is announcing the end of the beta test phase of its classroom blogging service, 21Classes. The service has been received well by educators and continues to experience high, double digit growth rates each month. The service has been reliable since the beginning, but 21Publish decided to stay in the beta stage while introducing minor improvements and collecting customer feedback. Listening to 21Classes users has been a priority since the service was launched. The company’s CEO, Stefan Wiskemann, believes that "Keeping in touch with our customers is of utmost importance to us.” The company also collaborated with educational blogging experts such as Will Richardson and Konrad Glogowski. 21Classes believes in using technology to support rich pedagogical uses: "Our goal is to support pedagogical concepts with our platform. We do not just want to provide technology that teachers need to tweak in order to get some use out of it.”

In addition, 21Classes is now available as a dedicated solution that institutions can run on their own servers. Furthermore, in order to address the growing demand, the company now offers volume discounts for multiple teacher accounts. To celebrate the end of the beta period, the company has introduced more powerful fulltext search capabilities and improved management options for the 2.5 gigabyte web space provided with every teacher account.

About 21Publish Inc.

21Publish is a turnkey software solution for creating a private label blog service. 21Classes, a product of 21Publish Inc., is targeted directly at the educational sector.
21Classes allows educators to set up online classrooms with individual student blogs connected into a classroom portal, represented by a single home page. 21Classes is designed to ensure ease of use for teachers and students. Its customization, privacy, and security features provide teachers with maximum flexibility. The platform allows teachers to easily administer their online classrooms and select from a wide variety of moderation and user access options, including the ability to password-protect the entire site.

21Publish is located in the United States and Europe. Its customers include Amnesty International, McGraw-Hill, and Emap.

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If you’d like more information or are interested in scheduling an interview, please contact Marcel Dembach, +1 (718) 395-2192, EST; marcel.dembach at 21publish dot com.