21Publish introduces new plugins to fight spam

Good news if you're receiving spam comments on your BlogPortal: 21Publish now offers three different plugins to fight spam: 21Publish, akismet and defensio.
The native 21Publish plugin is a very basic service with only limited filtering capabilities, but we are constantly enhancing this service. If you stay with the 21Publish service, you will always get the latest anti-spam updates provided by 21Publish.
The other plugins can connect to services at akismet.com or defensio.com, two very common and powerful anti-spam services. If you want to use any of them, you need to sign up with the corresponding service and get your own API key, which you can then insert into your account.

To check out the new features, simply log on to your portal and go to "Portal Homepage -> More Options -> Spam checker".

If you do not enable any plugin, your BlogPortal will automatically use the 21Publish spam filter, so don't worry if you do not want to change your settings in the short term.