21Classes relaunched with new Teacher Blog

21Classes relaunched with new Teacher Blog

Today we're happy to announce the relaunch of our 21Classes service.

With our new design, navigating the website becomes much easier. There is no separation between "Shop", "Product" and "Features" anymore, we simply have one "Product" section. Volume discounts now reflect our yearly subscriptions and are much easier to compare with our single offer.

Also, in extension of the changes we implemented last week, now all pages are SSL-encrypted. Whenever you or your students access any page on our system, you're always redirected to the corresponding secure page in case only http is entered.

Finally, we proudly announce the launch of our new "Teacher Blog" product. In contrast to our existing Classroom Blogportal, a "Teacher Blog" only allows the teacher to post stories, where students can only read and comment on them. Access restriction settings are the same as for Classroom BlogPortals, so if you only want to run a single blog and have your students comment, check out our new "Teacher Blog".

Of course all features of our Classroom BlogPortals stay untouched, you still have all multi-user blogging functionality available - just more secure.

If you have any questions about our new product, please contact our 21Classes Customer Service.

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