Best Practice

Blog of the week

defaultLong time no blog of the week! So, this weeks award goes to Platform27!

"Platform27 is a small friendly blog community, set up by a group of bloggers disillusioned with what happened to one of their favourite blogging platforms."

Eventually 21Publish offered them a new home and obviously what started as a small community became bigger and is still growing.

Platform27 even managed their community to cover the costs for a better service by integrating a "tip jar" function. They simply added paypal and nochex to their portal.

Platform27 also enabled all the new functions, such as the tag cloud and the images, which will be displayed in the recent posts list. Basically every user who added a user image to his or her blog will be shown in the list. External blogs, where the rss-feed has been added will not be included.

Another thing we really like about Platform27 is the redesign of the portal page. For the future we wish all members and of course the hoster, who is doing everything voluntarily all the best and may the community become as big as MySpace - or not Tongue out


Blog of the week

Time for a new blog of the week! This time the oscar goes to ........ Marmablogs

Actually the reason why I have chosen Marmablogs is because it looks really cool and it is in a nice web2.0 style. They simply adapted their look and feel of their existing website Marmaladya and integrated our software. Besides most of their blogs are external blogs from other hosters, which have been integrated via RSS-feed (read more about it shortly in "tips & tricks"). So, if you have trouble getting people to sign up for blogs, just integrate already existing ones. Here's is a nice mixture of blogger- and typepad- and other blogs.
On the right hand side you can also see a tagcloud (from which has been integrated in the sidebar. Well, just visit this great site and find out about London's best shopping places, fashion trends or just get to know all the interesting Marmaladys!

Blog of the week

Today the relaunch of our new website took place and "without being subjective" I have to admit that it's really cool!

Nevertheless I would like to name the first blog of the week, which I have chosen, since I really like any kind of sports. So the winner this time is Blogkite. So what do I like about this portal?! Let's have a look:

- header: they just
created a banner
and integrated it

- layout: with the
basic knowledge
of css they
designed and
customized their
template and
repositioned all
the lists

- blogs: they
simply added
external blogs
via rss-feed so
they appear in
the bloglist and
more importantly
in the recent
update list

- -> counting more
than 120 blogs from
all over the world
and there are still more to come!

All in all this is a very nice example for creating or at least providing a platform for all the blogging Kitesurfers out there.

So this can easily be adapted to all Snowboarders, Skaters, Sailers, Divers, Freeclimbers or any other sports.

Thanks to the Blogkite team!